The Journey

Life in luxury hotels has taken me all over the world from humble beginnings in Southern California to hotel openings in Italy & Singapore to chocolate competitions in Spain & Germany. Through those travels, I developed a real passion for the chocolate and confectionery arts as well as a passion for hospitality.

That passion turned into a dream to venture out on my own, apply years of training and create a brand that focuses on craftsmanship, culinary artistry, and genuine hospitality.

While Thomas Craft the brand was recently created in 2021, it has been alive and well in our hearts for many years and we are proud to share it with you.

Adam Thomas Signature

Adam Thomas

The Vision

Our goal at Thomas Craft is to share our passion and excitement for the confectionery arts with every one of our guests, local and afar.

By exceeding expectations, careful and thoughtful packaging, exceptional service, and of course the finest hand-crafted chocolates & confections, we hope to create lasting memories and continue the celebration of confectionary arts.

At Thomas Craft, we prioritize local resources and use only the best ingredients available. We use recipes and methods that are tried and true and always put the guest experience at the forefront of every decision.